Socket adapter KS EX3M-4S

Max power5000 W
Sockets with protective cap4x16А/250V
Cable length3.0 m
Cable (100% cooper)3x2.5 mm2

The KS EX3M-4S socket adapter with four sockets and a cable length of 3.0 m is used when it is necessary to connect household appliances with a normal socket of 16A to a 32A socket, for example, in a generator. It has a protection class of IP44, which allows you to use it externally, as well as at high humidity, thanks to protection against accidental ingress of water droplets and solid particles.

Adapter 32А -> 16А

On the one side the adapter has a 32A plug, on the other — four 16A sockets with a maximum total load of 5 kW.

Protection against moisture and temperature

The rubberized adapter cable is completely protected from moisture, industrial and agricultural chemicals, sunlight and solid particles. Retains its elasticity at any temperature, which allows you to use it at any time of the year indoors and outdoors. Sockets are equipped with protective covers.

100% copper

Cable is equipped with a 100% copper cable 3×2.5 mm2. Only copper is able to withstand long-term maximum loads, which makes the cable durable and extends its service life.

Max power, W
Sockets with protective cap
Cable (100% cooper)
3x2.5 mm2
Cable length, m
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Protection class
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.