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Will a 3 kW Generator Be Enough for a Private House?

When choosing a generator for a low-power house, certain characteristics should be taken into account. In addition to the price, it is important to decide on the rationality of the purchase itself. Will a generator up to 4 kW be able to power all vital electrical appliances in a private house? Let's review the details. It all depends on what kind of appliances you plan to use and how much energy they consume.

Let's list what energy-demanding appliances can potentially be in the house:

  • heater;
  • boiler;
  • refrigerator;
  • TV set;
  • washing machine;
  • lighting;
  • PC;
  • laptop.

Each of the above will consume a different amount of energy. When calculating power, you need to determine which appliances are in the top priority, and which are not. Sum up the power of the selected appliances and add 20% to the resulting number – this is a power reserve. The power reserve is important because the 80% load of the nominal power is desirable for the optimal engine operation. In addition, when choosing a gasoline generator, you need to take into account the inrush current coefficient of the appliances. According to preliminary calculations, a 3 kW generator can power several appliances at once. But in the case of low-powered appliances, the generator won't get overloaded. Popular products are found in Gasoline generators

Generator Price – Frequently Used Search Query

The cost of the generator will directly depend on the maximum and nominal power of the device. In addition, you need to consider the brand reputation, additional functions, accessories, therefore you cannot focus on power and the final price only. To determine the required generator power, you first need to calculate how much energy you need in case of an accident or turned off electricity.

Below are approximate power figures for each type of appliance (figures are given in W):

  • daylight lamp - 23;
  • refrigerator - 700;
  • electric stove - 1200; 
  • laptop - 50; 
  • PC - 400; 
  • TV set - 250;
  • coffee maker - 800;
  • electric kettle - 2500; 
  • dishwasher - 1500; 
  • washing machine - 2000; 
  • microwave - 800;
  • vacuum cleaner - 1800.

Let's agree that no one can do without the first three appliances during a long power outage. The rest can be used as needed or will not be required at all. In the case of electricity turned off for a long time, additional appliances will be required. And in order not to search on Google – 'why the light flickers when the generator is running' – choose wisely. Therefore, saving is appropriate, but not when the generator cannot be used, because it simply does not meet your power needs. We produce more products. Look at Inverter generators

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What Engine Start Type Generator to Buy?

Each start type has its own features and benefits. The manual start is more suitable for low-powered generators since they need certain physical effort to be applied. More powerful generators are equipped with an electric start.

The user can start the device by simply pressing a couple of buttons, without the need for extra effort.

The gasoline generator with an automatic start system is suitable for those who love comfort, as well as for women and the elderly. The system detects the moment when the electric current is off. Can turn on and off by itself. Download Technical Description Diesel generators

What Are Single-Phase and Three-Phase Models? Buying Generator for Indoor Use

Since almost all the necessary household appliances are single-phase, a single-phase generator is most often bought. Exactly what you need for a comfortable life. The amount of sales of such a model is more than half of all sales. If the task is different and you need to connect special equipment and tools, then you cannot do without a three-phase model.

It is extremely irrational to install a three-phase model in a private house, where there are only standard household appliances, especially the generator with a power of more than 5 kW.

Let's sum up the results. For use as a backup power source, it is important to correctly calculate the total power, preferably with a power reserve, select the generator phase and start type Instructions for use in category Inverter generators K&S

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