Pros and Cons of Buying Gasoline Generators with an Automatic Start (ATS System)



Gasoline Generators with an Automatic Start

In all countries, people want to buy an electric generator with an automatic start, as they are very easy to operate. What is this characteristic about and what features does a gasoline generator with this start type have? The automatic transfer switch (ATS) system allows the generator to turn on by itself without the need for user effort. This is very convenient, especially in country houses. The system has such positive points:

  • guarantees an uninterrupted supply of electricity regardless of the situation (accidents, interruptions, weather conditions);
  • easy to use, therefore perfect for family use (not always there is a technically savvy person at home who can start the generator. With the ATS system, there is no need for such a person at all. Your wife and kids won't be left without light and heat);
  • reliable, can last a long time;
  • starts quickly and automatically without the need for extra user effort;
  • turns off by itself when the power is resumed.

Let's now review all the pros and cons. Popular generator models in section Gasoline generators

Advantages of the Electric Generator with ATS System

When buying such a product, its power range should be considered. Often, the ATS unit is provided in models with a power range of 5 kW or more. Features of the automatic transfer switch (ATS) system:

  • easy to use;
  • no need to apply force to launch the generator;
  • automatic battery recharging;
  • constant monitoring of the mains current availability;
  • customized individual operating conditions.

In general, the list is quite long. Many people adhere to this type of unit, as its benefits are obvious. We can offer more products. pay attention to Inverter generators

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Disadvantages of ATS System Compared to Manual Start

Along with the obvious pros of purchasing such equipment, one should also consider the possible cons. Every device has its strengths and weaknesses. It's up to you to decide whether the latter is important or not because everything is individual. Key features to consider:

  • Price. The faster the device turns on, the higher its price. Therefore, when searching "buy gasoline generator 5 kW", you can find many analogs with a manual start at a much lower price.
  • Sensitivity. Generators with an ATS unit are more vulnerable to humidity and temperature. But if properly installed, this disadvantage can be avoided and not considered as a minus. Perhaps the first feature is most important. Whether to spend more money and buy the most user-friendly device or not – it's up to you. A gasoline generator is a useful purchase anyway. All you need is just to take into account the distinctive features of each device and make a purchase decision based on your needs. This is where a consultant will always come in handy.

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Könner & Söhnen Generators Are Reliable!

When choosing a generator, the buyer is always faced with choosing the manufacturer. It is not easy, because sometimes the basic characteristics may match and it becomes more difficult to make a decision. People often refer to reviews about "which gasoline generators are better?". Please find below the top priority strengths of Könner & Söhnen products:

  • high-quality reliable engines developed by German specialists that meet international standards;
  • counterfeit protection – each engine has a personal number. Thus, the production and sale of each product item are controlled;
  • easy operation – a user-friendly control panel that can be easily handled by both men and women, thus providing themselves and their families with light and heat;
  • alternator with a 100% high-quality copper winding that can withstand maximum possible loads;
  • anti-vibration system for additional vibration reduction, as well as anti-slip and corrosion protection.

Choose high quality for years to come and be confident about the future! Our company can offer other goods Inverter generators K&S

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