What Is a Gasoline Generator and What Is It Used For?



Electric Generators by Fuel Type

With frequent power outages, the question "what is a gasoline generator" arises by itself. And immediately comes up another question: does it have a gas alternative? Let's consider both. The following generators are distinguished by the type of fuel:

  • diesel;
  • gasoline;
  • LPG.

There are also hybrid LPG/gasoline generators, which can run on both gasoline and liquefied gas. Each fuel type has its strengths and certain features. When choosing a generator, both fuel and power are often added to the search query – 4-stroke gasoline inverter generator from 2 kW to 3 kW. Popular generator models in section Gasoline generators

Electric Generator for Various Tasks

Let's now consider the characteristics that buyers look at when choosing a gasoline generator:

  • Weight. The lightweight generator provides an extra degree of freedom and ease of installation and transportation. Such devices will be practical both indoors and outdoors. Situations of using compact generators when going fishing or hiking are also common. Thus, this solves two problems at once. However, keep in mind that the lower the weight, the less the power.
  • Startup type. By engine start type, there are the following options:
  • - manual start;
  • - electric start (basically, the user needs to press only one button without applying physical effort);
  • - automatic start (the generator turns on automatically during a power outage by monitoring the central power availability and switching itself on when the electricity is turned off).
  • Power. Looking through the 5.5 kW gasoline generator reviews, one can see that the power range is most in demand today for connecting the main equipment indoors. The 5.5 kW model as a backup power source is quite optimal for a country house.
  • It includes a wide variety of additional functions and accessories. Generator accessories, such as hour meter, voltmeter, fuel and oil level sensors, low oil level, and short circuit protection, affect the running time and greatly facilitate the use of the device. Accessories such as handles and transport wheels allow easy handling of the generator. Improper handling during transportation may damage the integrity of the unit.

We have sorted out the main types of generators. Below let's get deeper into "what is a gasoline generator" and how to choose it. We can offer more products. pay attention to Inverter generators

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Purchase Nuances: Not Only the Generator Price Matters

While searching for a low price, one may choose wrongly. Carefully check the fuel consumption, power, engine quality, alternator winding material. High-quality engines, as in Könner & Söhnen devices, are expensive, since they are more reliable and cost-effective, and will work without interruption. It is also important to consider the following distinctive features:

  1. Gasoline generators have a lower noise level compared to diesel counterparts.
  2. For the continuous operation of sensitive equipment, the inverter generator would be the best choice. The quality of the current for high-precision electronics is of primary importance. The Könner & Söhnen range features LPG/gasoline generators, as well as generators with the ability to connect the ATS (automatic transfer switch) unit.
  3. The open frame unit must be protected from direct rainfall and dirt, therefore the installation conditions must be observed. If the latter is difficult to meet, it's better to choose an enclosed casing generator or additionally purchase a protective cover.

As you can see from the above, there are no unstoppable nuances. You just need to decide what tasks the device should cope with. Check out the description Diesel generators

Choosing a Seller for the "Buy Generator" Query

As you can see, some units may not be available in small shops and towns. Availability is especially important if you have already chosen a specific model and are not considering others. In densely populated cities and regional centers, there is a wider selection. Most sellers will offer you a delivery option right away since even the most compact and mobile generators have a certain weight. It doesn't matter what seller you want to buy a gasoline generator from and in what city, always choose a high-quality and reliable device.

A wide range of our products is presented on specialized online stores and large marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. Please follow the link in the section for the list of our trading partners. Our company can offer other goods Inverter generators K&S

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