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Content: Main features of generator gasoline

Main features of generator gasoline

Gasoline generators are useful appliances that supply electrical power during a power outage caused by problems with local electric distribution system. In addition, portable gas powered generators are used to connect additional load when performing work in areas where there is no mains supply. There is an abundance of commercially available gasoline generator brand and model options that differ in performance, functionality, and, of course, price. It can be a difficult task to choose a suitable model from such a variety. Let's take a look at the main indicators one should consider when choosing among various home/portable gasoline generator options.

  • Gasoline powered generators have the following advantages:
    - Affordable price
    - Low-noise operation and compactness
    - Easy start-up in the cold season, especially in frost (-20 °C);
    - Effortless maintenance (clean or change spark plugs, fuel hose and check the oil and filter from time to time).

    - Increased fuel consumption vs diesel generators
    - The need for technical breaks in work.
    Inverter gasoline generators are more cost-efficient but more expensive at the same time. Inverter generator is an ideal source of power for sensitive electronics. Its main feature is the current conversion characteristic. Generators with inverter initially generate direct current, which is subsequently converted by the electronic unit into alternating current with ideal parameters. Any sensitive electronics, including medical devices, can be directly connected to these units. Compact, comfortable, and low-noise portable inverter generators are ideal for outdoor activities, camping and hiking.

    Advantages of inverter generators are as follows:

    - Ideal current characteristic
    - Low noise level
    - Economy mode
    - Compact size.

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Choosing a gasoline powered generator for home use

Listed below are 5 factors to be considered when choosing a gasoline powered home generator:

    1. Power capacity: your home gasoline generator should be powerful enough to sustain load to be connected. You need to calculate to total load by summing up the power of all electrical appliances that will be connected to the generator at the same time. These are often appliances that are most essential for comfort. Add up powers of individual appliances multiplied by the inrush current factor, and then always add a 20% margin to the resulting sum. Using a generator for house at 80% capacity ensures a long service life.
      Pay attention to the following 4 types of generators for home with different power capacity for household use:
      - Generators up to 4 kW: small-size four-stroke household generators with a capacity from 2500 W to 3900 W. They are compact, easy to transport and reasonably priced. They can easily illuminate a small house or kiosk.
      - Generators up to 6 kW: capacities around 5 kW are the most common. They are equally suitable for a shop, an office, or a private house.
      - Generators up to 9 kW: enable to use a variety of electrical appliances, including heaters, air conditioners and water pumps. They can be used both in country houses and public offices, pharmacies, grocery stores.
      - Power plants with a capacity of 9 kW. They can easily sustain a large house, office premises or even a construction site.
    2. Type of fuel. You can choose a suitable generator by the type of fuel: - Gasoline generators - Hybrid (combined) generators, running both on gasoline and liquefied gas.
    3. Start-up system
      • Almost all generators have a manual start, which is the simplest and cheapest option.
      • Electric start is convenient and simple as well as ideal for use at low temperatures. • Automatic transfer switch enables generator start-up without human intervention. The ATS unit is plugged into the mains and the generator is connected to the ATS unit. Thus, the ATS switch enables to monitor the mains parameters.
    4. Availability of optional accessories
      • Transport Kit (wheels and handles)
      • Generator covers
      • Automatic battery chargers
      • Fuel cans
      • Extension cables.
    5. Case construction
      • Open frame: components are fixed on a sturdy metal frame of various size.
      • Soundproof housing: ensures reliable protection against moisture and dust, suppresses noise.
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Buying gas generator from importer

A 5 kW gasoline generator is the optimal choice for small houses, summer cottages, family houses.

A KS 7000 gasoline powered generator is one of the most reliable sources of electric power in its class, has a good value for money, and is characterized by stable operation and long service life. High capacity, protection function, oil and fuel level indicators, user-friendly and ergonomic control panel are also weighty arguments when choosing a portable gasoline generator.

A generator on gas has some extras. The use of a large 25-liter fuel tank and a cutting edge four-stroke engine with OHV system made it possible to extend operation up to 6 hours without interruption at 50% load, which is a solid achievement. Check out the description diesel generators

Buying a generator gasoline

When you buy a petrol generator, pay extra attention to its quality. This article lists a selection of petrol generators for home use with an optimal value for money.
A KS 7000 petrol generator has the following characteristics:
Startup system - KS 7000 - manual; KS 7000E - manual/electric (with letter “E” in the item number), KS 7000E ATS - manual/electric/auto
Number of phases - KS 7000 - single-phase (230 V), KS 7000E-3 - three-phase (400 V), KS 7000E-1/3 - universal 230 V/400 V;
Maximum power - 5.5 kW;
Nominal power - 5.0 kW;
Fuel tank volume - 25 l;
Engine type - one-cylinder, four-stroke;
Fuel type - KS 7000E G - LPG/gasoline, other models of the series KS 7000 - gasoline;
Fuel tank volume - 25 l;
Crankcase volume - 1.1 l; 50% power working time - 17 hours;
Type of cooling - air cooling;
Type of execution - open frame;

Noise level Lpa/Lwa - 70/95 dB. We can offer other goods Inverter generators K&S