Electric tiller KS 1500T E

Engine typeElectric
Engine power1500 W
Voltage230 V
Frequence50 Hz
Tilling blade diameter22 cm
Tilling width45 cm
Max. tilling depth≤ 22 cm

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Könner & Söhnen electric cultivators are excellent helpers and designed for tilling the soil near the house or in the garden. These devices can easily maneuver in confined spaces, for example, in greenhouses or landscaped areas of landscape design. They are easy to operate, require no special skills, and can be used by all categories of users. Cultivators of this line are environmentally-friendly, low-noise, and require minimal maintenance. The electric cultivator will be the best domestic helper, because it can be used not only to till the soil, but also to fertilize, loosen and level the soil, weed between the lines, spud the soil and furrow.

The key advantages of Könner & Söhnen electric cultivators are as follows:
– Low noise and vibration level;
– Light weight;
– Ease of operation and maintenance;
– Compact size;
– Ease of assembly.

Environmentally-friendly engine

Electric cultivators from Könner & Söhnen are equipped with a high-performance, reliable, environmentally-friendly and virtually silent K&S motor.

Forged cutters

High metal strength enables to extend the cultivator’s service life and process even hard soil.

Transport wheels

Cultivator is equipped wheels for easy transportation on any surface.

Ergonomic control panel

The ergonomic control panel allows you to quickly control and easily steer the cultivator.

Engine model
KS ECO 1500
Engine power, W
Voltage, V
Frequence, Hz
Engine type
Tilling blade diameter, cm
Tilling width, cm
Max. tilling depth, cm
≤ 22
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Protection class
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.