2-cylinders gasoline generator "Könner & Söhnen" KS 15-1E ATSR

Voltage230 V
Max power12.5 kW
Nominal power12.0 kW
Engine startElectric
Outlets1 x Schuko 230 V, 1 x CEE 230 V 32 A, 1 x CEE 230 V 63 A
Special functionsGasoline, ATS output

The high-performance KS 15-1E ATSR gasoline generator is based on a robust proprietary 22 HP two-cylinder engine from “Könner & Söhnen” that meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO 5 emission standards. The generator is suitable for connecting an ATS (automatic transfer switch) unit. A user-friendly ergonomic control panel with an engine emergency stop button and a multifunction LED display allows monitoring of the generator operation: voltage, frequency, operating hours, as well as oil level. This model is equipped with sockets for full power removal by the generator. The sockets are equipped with fuses and completed with suitable plugs. The high-capacity 55 l fuel tank ensures lengthy and continuous operation.


Powerful and reliable 2-cylinders air-cooled engine (22 HP), high-performance and costeffective, and conform to European quality standards (including exhaust emissions and noise). Each engine has a corporate K&S stamp and an individual serial number in order to ensure the quality control of manufacture and after-sales service.


The user-friendly ergonomic control panel allows easy control of the whole device, requires no special skills, and is equipped with sockets designed for removal of full power delivered by the generator and modern LED- display (hour meter, frequency, voltage, oil alarm). PaneI is equipped with engine emergency switc.


KS ATS 4/32-15
Power (230V)14 kW
Current (max) 230 V64 A
Power 400V21 kW
Current (max) 400 V32 A
Working environmentfrom -10°C to +55°C; humidity: ⩽60%
Storage environmentfrom -10°C to +70°C; humidity: ⩽60%
Voltage230/400 V
Frequency50 Hz
IP protection classIP41
Net dimensions (LxWxH)220х150х370 mm
Gross dimensions (LxWxH)325х200x405 mm
Net weight5.5 kg
Gross weight6.1 kg
EAN code4260405363667

The ATS (Automatic transfer switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers load to it when the main power supply is disconnected.

Gasoline and diesel generators with an electric starter are equipped with a universal 5-pin connector for an automatic transfer switch unit (ATS input). The ATS unit has a PLC that allows the automatic start/stop of the generator to be programmed in the event of a power outage and after its restoration.

PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROLLER OF THE ATS UNIT: - Automatic/manual operation - Programming of engine starting time after power outage - Programming of engine warm-up time before connecting to consumer - Setting of starter operation time - Engine performance monitoring - Battery charging when the generator is off

The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers load to it when the main power supply is disconnected and automatically stops the generator when the central power supply is restored.


TM Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with a high-end synchronous alternator with 100% copper winding. It is only the copper winding that can withstand maximum loads without any damage to ensure long-term reliable operation of the generator set.


“Könner & Söhnen” generators are equipped with an enlarged steel fuel tank (55 l), which extends the generator’s operating time without refueling. The fuel level indicator is located on the tank for ease of use.
Voltage, V
Max power, kW
Nominal power, kW
Frequency, Hz
Current (max), А
1 x Schuko 230 V, 1 x CEE 230 V 32 A, 1 x CEE 230 V 63 A
Fuel tank volume, l
LED display
Voltage, frequency, working hours, oil alarm
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB
Power output DC, V/А
Engine model
KS 780
Engine type
Gasoline powered two-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Engine power, hp/kW
Crank case volume, l
Engine cylinder volume, cm3
Power output controller
Intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR
Engine start
Accumulator, A·h
Alternator winding
Net dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Protection class
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.

**In transient modes, the frequency of the generator can change in the short term, that is, during normal operation of the generator, the deviation of the frequency indicator is permissible. Depending on the type of generator, engine and operating mode, the frequency can be 49-54Hz

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Gasoline Generator KS 15-1E ATSR

A gasoline generator is an excellent option when you need to provide electricity in emergency power outage conditions. A generator is needed everywhere: shops, enterprises and factories, cafes, and entertainment centers.

KS 15-1E ATSR is a powerful two-cylinder gasoline generator with a convenient control panel and user-friendly interface.

Features of KS 15-1E ATSR Gasoline Generator

The presented gasoline generator model is suitable for household and semi-professional use. The device is equipped with a powerful four-stroke air-cooled engine.

A powerful generator that can power an office, shop, or cafe. If such a generator is utilized for household purposes, then you can use powerful household appliances.

The gasoline generator is equipped with a special LED display that shows:

• working hours;
• voltage and frequency;
• insufficient oil level indicator.

Amid the power crisis, the advantage of having such a backup power source at home, at the enterprise, in supermarkets or restaurants is undeniable. This is an investment into continuous business operation or comfortable living conditions.

Why Choose KS 15-1E ATSR Gasoline Generator?

The choice of power supply equipment during emergency power outages requires special attention to its functionality.

The KS 15-1E ATSR generator model has the following advantages:

• A capacious metal 55-liter fuel tank. The fuel level indicator is located on the tank for ease of use.
• Branded powerful engine with air cooling. The engine meets European and international standards of quality and environmental friendliness.
• Convenient control panel. This type of control does not require special knowledge and skills from the user, everything is simple and clear.
• Three stationary sockets, which allow connecting several consumers with a total power of up to 12 kW.
• Sockets are equipped with fuses for additional safety.
• An emergency stop button and the ability to connect an external ATS unit.

The gasoline generator KS 15-1E ATSR from Könner & Söhnen is a combination of all at once - power, efficiency, convenience, and safety. Choose only the best and time-proven solution. May your private house or business facility always be powered!