Potato plough KS PP4

For modelsKS 7HP-850A
KS 7HP-950A
KS 7HP-950S
KS 7HP-1050G
KS 9HP-1350G-3

Potato plough KS PP4 for “Könner & Söhnen” gasoline cultivators.

The potato digger has a solid metal base made of thin steel plowshares, which allow to easily dig up potatoes, separate the tubers from the soil and lift them to the soil surface.

The potato digger is compatible with the following cultivator models:
KS 7HP-850A
KS 7HP-950A
KS 7HP-950S
KS 7HP-1050G
KS 9HP-1350G-3

For models
KS 7HP-850A
KS 7HP-950A
KS 7HP-950S
KS 7HP-1050G
KS 9HP-1350G-3
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Assembled in PRC.

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Potato Plough

For such an annual event as digging up potatoes, many owners of private land plots need to prepare in advance. Those who continue digging with hand tools find no pleasure in this hard work accompanied by back pain. They should have thought about making this process easier long ago and turned potato harvesting into a quick and easy task.

Our potato plough KS PP4 will make this job much easier. It was designed for Könner & Söhnen gasoline cultivators of various models and is perfectly suited for processing small plots of land with an area of 0.1-0.3 hectares.
This potato digger model consists of a metal rack, a metal shovel, a sole, and metal rods that guide the soil to pass through.

Reasons to Buy a Potato Plough

The modern approach to vegetable growing requires maximum mechanization of the process.
Such a necessary tool as a potato digger will significantly facilitate the harvesting of root crops.

Here are three main reasons to buy a potato plough for your own needs:

• Mechanization of potato harvesting - quick and high-quality result at minimum effort.
• Ability to dig up potatoes with different row widths.
• Adjustment of the digging depth, which allows harvesting the maximum amount of root crops of various types.

How to Choose a Potato Digger for a Gasoline Cultivator?

When choosing such an attachment, one should pay attention to the following characteristics:

1. Compatibility with your gardening tiller;
2. Size and ease of use;
3. Possibility of adjusting the digging depth;
4. The metal alloy from which the tool is made;
5. The cost of the root crops harvesting device.

We recommend the potato digger KS PP4, because it fully meets all requirements and has many advantages.

Advantages of KS PP4 Potato Digger

The presented model has the following advantages:

• Simple design for comfortable use;
• Compact size and light weight for easy transportation without the help of special equipment;
• Ability to partially separate the tubers from the soil to facilitate the harvesting process.
• Long service life;
• Ability to adjust the digging depth and use the device to collect not only potatoes but other root crops as well;
• Affordable price;
• Guarantee of quality and compatibility from a proven manufacturer.

The KS PP4 potato digger for Könner & Söhnen gasoline cultivator is your reliable agricultural assistant in collecting root crops.
We wish you mechanized harvesting and generous crops!