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What is Inverter Gasoline Generator?

When looking for a backup power source for your house or office, you probably come across the question – what is an inverter gasoline generator and what are its types? First, let's clearly define the name itself. The inverter generator is the same gasoline-powered unit, but more advanced in terms of current sine wave quality, dimensions, and stability. Let's just say that this device will be perfect for your house or office. A distinctive feature of the Könner & Söhnen inverter generator is the ability to switch to another fuel type, from gasoline to LPG, which other models lack. Switching to another fuel type significantly saves the budget and has a number of positive features:

  • the use of LPG as a fuel means saving, first of all, on the LPG purchase price compared to other fuels;
  • environmental friendliness – there are practically no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Therefore, you also take care of the environment. Such a device will cost more than a classic model, but a wide range will allow you to choose the best option based on your needs. Popular generator models in section Gasoline generators

Advantages of Könner & Söhnen Inverter Gasoline Generators

To better understand what Könner & Söhnen inverter gasoline generators are, let's check their advantages:

  • optimal dimensions – the dimensions have been reduced, making the unit installation much easier. If the recommended room temperature and moisture conditions are observed, it can practically fit anywhere, make sure that room is well ventilated or equipped with a special ventilation system;
  • fuel switch option – the Könner & Söhnen range features single-fuel and dual-fuel models; wide power range – from 2 kW to 8 kW;
  • convenient start type – manual, electric, automatic (ATS system);
  • alternator with 100% copper winding – able to withstand even the maximum load;
  • parallel connection – if you need to connect more devices, just connect two generators with a help of special parallel unit or parallel cables in order to receive their total nominal power with a power loss only about 0.1-0.2 kW;
  • durable engine – please note that each engine has an original number. This guarantees the authenticity of the purchase;
  • ideal current sine wave – the current goes through certain transformations, which allows getting the precise frequency and voltage;
  • plastic housing – there are models with a plastic housing that protects the inside of the device from moisture and dirt;
  • low noise level – the design of the protective housing allows to reduce the noise level during the operation; fuel saving mode – reduces fuel consumption by reducing engine speed.

As you can see, there are lots of advantages, and the current quality is the highest. We can offer more products. pay attention to Inverter generators

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Where to Buy a Gasoline Generator at a Low Price & Is It Worth Buying a Cheap Model?

Perhaps the high price is the only drawback of the inverter generator. You need to understand that if you initially invest a little bit more, it will guarantee that all your devices, even very energy-demanding, will work seamlessly. The cash savings will be noticeable over time, especially if the generator is used frequently. By giving preference to manufacturers with cheaper components, you should think about the quality of your purchase, regardless of where you are located and in which city you want to buy a gasoline generator. Not all manufacturers invest in materials and technologies, which are determining factors during the generator operation. Even two models with the same characteristics but with a different price will differ during operation. You should not save on such a purchase. Check out the description Diesel generators

Generator: Price, Quality, Service Life

As mentioned above, the more expensive the purchase, the longer it will last. The engine is more efficient, the spare parts are durable, the operation is seamless. After all, what is a gasoline generator? First of all, uninterrupted operation when you need it. And if the device suddenly fails, you end up without light, heat, a working refrigerator, a boiler, and other vital things. What is the best gasoline generator? It all depends on the tasks you set. Our range of products includes an ideal option for each of them. Our company can offer other goods Inverter generators K&S