KS Lever for handling logs KS Lever

Compatible log splitter models:

  • KS 7THE 52/30,
  • KS 8TKE 52/35,
  • KS 15TKG 52/35,
  • KS 27THG 65/55
  • KSB 6THE 52/25,
  • KSB 6THE 52/30


The KS Lever from Könner & Söhnen is an innovative tool designed for lifting, swiveling, moving and tilting logs. The unit facilitates the handling of logs and their feeding into the log splitter and increases the log feed rate and unit productivity. The lever is movable and can handle logs of different diameters. The lever will be especially useful for those preparing firewood on their own.

Overall length, mm
Blade width, mm
Max. hook diameter, mm
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.