Electric Log Splitter KSB 6THE 52/30

Engine power1500 W
Splitting force6 ton
Max. splitting length520 mm
Max. splitting diameter300 mm
Cycle time~ 10 sec
Operating positionHorizontal

Environmentally friendly motor

Log splitter from TM “K&S Basic” is equipped with a powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly electric motor.

Hardened steel splitter wedge

Splitter wedge is made of hardened steel welded into the frame, which can withstand heavy loads and is capable of splitting any logs, both dry and wet. 


  • Two-lever control system provides increased operator safety.
  • The Könner & Söhnen protective metal grill protects the user from debris such as flying chips and small pieces of wood generated during splitting.

Hydraulic log splitters

Smooth operation of hydraulic log splitters allows safe splitting of logs, so that you have plenty of time to put in another log.

Easy transportation

Log splitter is equipped with wheels for easy movement even on uneven surfaces, for example, on gravel or soil.
Voltage, V
Frequency, Hz
Engine power, W
Splitting force, ton
Engine type
Engine model
KS ECO 1600
Max. splitting length, mm
Max. splitting diameter, mm
Cycle time, sec
~ 10
Operating position
Cable length, m
Hydraulic oil capacity, l
Transport wheels
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Protection class
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.

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Hydraulic Electric Log Splitter

The production process of all Könner & Söhnen products is constantly supervised by German engineers and undergoes rigorous testing at all its stages. The KSB 6THE 52/30 electric log splitter is no exception.

This powerful, efficient, and space-saving wood chopper will easily and quickly reduce large logs into firewood.

The unit has a power output of 1,500 watts. With that amount of power, you can split wood up to 52 cm long in just 10 seconds. It is supplied from the 230 V mains and has a 1.6-meter-long power cord.

Features of KSB 6THE 52/30 Log Splitter

This wood splitter is easy to move owing to its casters. It is easy to operate and move around a job site, even if the surface is uneven or covered with gravel.

The log splitter is operated in a horizontal position. A robust and sturdy frame construction ensures long-term and stable operation. With proper use, it will serve you for years.
The electric motor produces no harmful exhaust emissions, making this wood chipper environmentally friendly.

The woodchopper provides maximum operational safety due to its safety features:

  • Two-handle control;
  • Protective cover, which protects the user from flying chips and chunks of wood during operation.

Furthermore, the soft and smooth drive for splitting the wood adds to the safety of use. The system is designed so that the user has enough time to feed a new log.

The KSB 6THE 52/30 log splitter from Könner & Söhnen is a reliable and efficient tool for processing timber by turning it into firewood with minimum effort and utmost safety.

Who would benefit from the KSB 6THE 52/30 log splitter?

The electric log splitter from Könner & Söhnen is suitable for the following applications:

  • Small farms or forestry;
  • Boiler houses running on wood;
  • Household use.

What makes this log splitter so useful is its reliability, small footprint, maneuverability, and ease of operation.

Choose only high-quality equipment for household chores and enjoy your daily work!