Excellent Brands


In 2022, Könner & Söhnen® machinery once again became a winner of the competition and received two German Brand Award 2022 honors at a time:

»WINNER« - Industry, Machines & Engineering

»SPECIAL MENTION« - Product Brand of the Year

  • The competition organizers and jury are impartial experts, and the evaluation criteria are transparent and openly communicated.
  • Only German brands can participate in the competition.
  • From among the 1,200 submissions, the judges select only those brands that meet their evaluation criteria for the competition.

The German Brand Award is an industry-wide brand recognition awarded annually in more than 60 categories.

Its judges and promoters are independent and its criteria are openly communicated. A contact list of over 315 million names, overwhelmingly positive feedback from companies, agencies and service providers, and more than 1,200 submissions demonstrate the enormous interest generated by this award for excellence in brand management.

This year, the jury awarded the “Excellent Brands“ award to the KS 4000iEG S LPG/Gasoline Inverter Generator (GBA2022-10237) in the Industry, Machines & Engineering category.

The KS 4000iEG S LPG/Gasoline Inverter Generator also received a special “Excellent Brands - Product Brand of the Year” award.