Dimax presents an updated version of the KS 2000i S inverter generator


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents an updated version of the KS 2000i S inverter generator in a brand new exclusive housing.

The KS 2000i S inverter generator from Könner & Söhnen® is a user-friendly and compact device with an integrated microprocessor unit, which makes it ideally suited for charging state-of-the-art sensitive equipment.
Thanks to its compact design and a minimum noise level of only 62 dB (Lpa 7m), this model is extremely popular among tourists who prefer outdoor activities.
Moreover, a larger fuel tank means a longer running time without refueling.

  • PURE SINE WAVE It ensures reliable operation of high-precision electronics, electronic measuring instruments, medical devices, heating boilers, etc.
  • ECONOMY MODE The ECONOMY MODE enables to reduce fuel consumption by up to 50% at low loads through engine speed reduction.
  • PARALLEL CONNECTION The KS PU1 unit increases the total output power of generators by connecting two inverter generators.
  • CONTROL PANEL Display of all operating status indicators. USB ports for charging gadgets, LED display (hour meter, frequency, voltage).