New diesel generator – KS 9300DE-1/3 ATSR Super S


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents new models of Könner & Söhnen® diesel generators – KS 9300DE-1/3 ATSR Super S.

Super Silent diesel generator models have an advanced noise reduction system with a minimum noise level Lpa (7 m) 64 dB and an anti-vandal housing, which guarantees their comfortable use and protects them from environmental influences. With a two-chamber housing design, these models have improved thermal distribution inside, which significantly extends their service life.

    • ADVANCED NOISE REDUCTION SYSTEM thanks to the double muffler, which provides a minimum noise level Lpa (7 m) 64 dB even at maximum loads.
    • ABILITY TO CONNECT AN ATS SYSTEM –automatic transfer switch unit, which automatically starts and stops the generator.
    • VTS (VOLTAGE TRANSFER SWITCH) phase switching system – allows using the generator both in three-phase (400 V) and in single-phase mode (230 V).
    • PRESTART HEATING – allows to effortlessly start the generator in winter.