Multifunction machine KS 7HP-MFM


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents a self-propelled multifunction machine with active attachments from ТМ "Könner & Söhnen".

This high-performance machine combines multiple functions for agricultural work throughout the year. The outstanding feature of this machine is self-propelled capacity and active attachments, which eliminate the need for extra user effort and allow the machine to cope with a wide range of tasks. A variety of attachments mounted on the motor block of the multifunction machine can be used for such works as cleaning snow, dust, dirt, fallen leaves or other debris, cultivating land, cutting grass, making hay, mowing crops or wild plants, shaping ground and much more. A machine with such features will be useful not only in a private house with a backyard, a country house, but also for hotel facilities, suburban guest houses, garden societies, etc.