New diesel generator from K&S BASIC – KSB 6000DES ATSR


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) proudly presents a new diesel generator in a soundproof housing from K&S BASIC – KSB 6000DES ATSR.

LOW NOISE LEVEL. All-season soundproof housing provides minimum noise level, effective protection for the generator and extends its service life. Thanks to a special soundproof housing, the operation of the device will be as comfortable as possible and will not disturb others. The housing is equipped with handles and casters for easy handling.

ATS OUTPUT. Each engine and each generator has connecting the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) system. The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) unit automatically starts the generator and transfers load to it when the main power supply is disconnected and automatically stops the generator when the central power supply is restored.

PROPRIETARY ENGINES. Each engine and each generator has its own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service. Engines meet all European standards of quality. All engines are tested by long-term continuous operation.

CONTROL PANEL. User-friendly ergonomic control panel easy control of the whole device and requires no special skills. Modern multifunction LED display shows frequency, voltage, operating hours of the generator and total operation time from start-up in minutes. Displayed informtation makes it easy to determine the voltage generated by the device.