New exclusive design


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents updated KS 4000 series inverter generators in a new housing.


We are pleased to share this great news. Following current trends, our engineers have developed a new exclusive design specially for the Könner & Söhnen® KS 4000 series generators. This series deserves special mention, as it has plenty of advantages, such as:

  • low-noise operation and convenient transportation;
  • furthermore, it boasts unique features ,
  • can run on LPG and gasoline,
  • the new-season KS 4000iE S generator features an ATS output (Automatic Transfer Switch).





  • Exclusive design - the new stylish housing designed by German engineers specifically for Könner & Söhnen® accentuates the individuality of this series. The eye-catching exterior of the generators is particularly appealing to consumers.
  • ATS output (model KS 4000iЕ S) - the KS 4000iE S inverter generator model features an 8-pin connector for the KS ATS 4/25 Gasoline ATS unit.
  • LPG output (model KS 4000iEG S) - the gas cylinder connector previously found on the control panel is now on the side of the generator, allowing a more convenient unit operation without interfering with the control panel.
  • Start UP Guide - the information sticker now shows the QR code, through which you will always find instructions for launching the inverter generator on gasoline and LPG. The housing has a special marking that facilitates the generator start-up and maintenance.

It is worth mentioning that model KS 4000iEG S of this series was the winner of the German Brand Award 2022 in the two categories: Excellent Brands “Industry, Machines & Engineering” and “Product Brand of the Year”.