New! Portable chargers


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents a new series of products from Könner & Söhnen® - portable power stations, solar panels, fast chargers.

Könner & Söhnen® portable chargers and solar panels - are “eco-friendly” energy sources that produce no harmful waste during use and do not adversely affect the environment and climate change in the region.

A silent portable power station is an indispensable assistant, which helps to power your home in emergencies and make your outdoor activities more comfortable. When hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping, the portable power station will allow you to power your electrical devices and simply enjoy your time without disturbing noise, without harm to the environment and constant expenses for fuel and maintenance!


  • Home/outdoors backup power
  • Solar panel charging support
  • High capacity lithium battery
  • LED light panel
  • Smart & safe
  • Energy storage function

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KS 100PS KS 200PS KS 300PS KS 1200PS-FC KS 2200PS-FC