The prestigious german Plus X Award award


We are proud to announce that the products from Könner & Söhnen have won the prestigious german plus x award award in three categories: high quality, ease of use, functionality.

Plus X Award is one of the biggest awards in the world, which ascertains quality and reliability of products. Fastidious and picky German experts in the field of technical innovation conduct a thorough study and testing of products. After that, a highly skilled jury decides on the award category.

In 2019, equipment from Könner & Söhnen received one of the most important quality seals from an expert jury – an award of the highest quality products. In addition, the products from Könner & Söhnen were awarded in the categories of functionality and ease of use. Experts has given following characteristics to our products:

High quality
Equipment from Könner & Söhnen received one of the most important product quality awards – the High Quality Seal – which ascertains the highest quality of products and emphasizes product durability. Manufacturer “Könner & Söhnen” provides its customers with reliable products and stands out from mass products manufactured only for short-term use and constant exchange. The products from Könner & Söhnen are your investment in the future.

Ease of use
Manufacturer "Könner & Söhnen" got a prize for ease of use and comfortable use. Products from Könner & Söhnen have been designed and well thought out for the easiest and most intuitive use by the consumer. Technological innovations introduced in the products from Könner & Söhnen guarantee the most simplified installation and comfortable maintenance even for the most demanding users. The products from Könner & Söhnen are focused on accessibility and comprehensibility, as well as on comprehensive user support.

Products from Könner & Söhnen were awarded as equipment with highly efficient and user-friendly functionality and received the Plus X Award Quality Seal in terms of functionality. The experts evaluated a wide range of basic and auxiliary functions of the Könner & Söhnen products. Among other brands, there are also a number of innovative developments from Könner & Söhnen that harmoniously interact with other functions in order to maximize customer satisfaction.