Working and Helping Together


Our team, and the whole world, is concerned about the dire situation in Ukraine. But we do not stand aside; we do not sit idly by and, for our part, provide extensive charity support to the people of Ukraine.

  • Our warehouse in Germany was made available to volunteers to collect and distribute humanitarian aid (clothing and medical supplies) for Ukrainian families who found themselves in this unfortunate situation.
  • We are actively involved in helping Ukrainian social organizations and charitable foundations, a children's home, and regional administrations to equip shelters, particularly in Bucha, which is reported to be the first town to have experienced the horrific crimes of the enemy.
  • Our efforts were focused on supporting charitable supplies of equipment to the worst-affected areas with no electricity.
  • Our employees provided accommodation and hosted many Ukrainian refugees in their homes, offering them as much assistance as possible. Our colleagues' efforts were instrumental in helping Ukrainian families with accommodation throughout Europe.
  • With the assistance of the Ukrainian embassy in Great Britain, we managed to supply as many as 500 generators for municipal and district administrations in areas that had suffered from terrorist attacks and shelling.
  • Each member of our Ukrainian team was offered help to relocate to safe places in Europe. Some employees were evacuated with their entire families, while others, who wished to stay home, were allowed to work from safe areas of the country.

We continue to help and support the unbreakable people of Ukraine in their struggle for freedom and independence