Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The team is dedicated to preserving the privacy of our users. The following is intended to convey the details of this Privacy Policy, and we assure you that all necessary steps are taken to fulfill the proceeding.

Personal Information:

All of our users may be asked for personal information, including but not limited to: name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and payment information. We reserve the right to collect this information as necessary in order to carry through the ordering process. We also must reserve the right to release any necessary information to any legal authorities as required by law. However, this information will NOT be shared with any private parties, and will be stored for our own internal use only.

Sales Offers:

For users who have downloaded free visual effects clips, have contacted us with inquiries, or have purchased products from us in the past, we may contact you to extend to you additional offers. You may opt-out of these sales contacts by emailing us.

Policy changes: reserves the right to revise and update this Policy at any time.

Reviewing this policy occasionally is recommended.