High-pressure water pump KS 50HP

Max. productivity500 l/min
Nominal speed3600 rpm
Max. lifting height50 m
Max. suction depth7 m
Engine power7.0 hp
Engine volume212 cm3

The high-pressure pump is designed for works, requiring high water jet lifting. It can be helpful in water towers or irrigation. High pressure pumps are often called “fire pumps” as they pump water up to 50 m. Before pumping, fill the pump with clean water. After starting the engine, allow the pump to run for about 30 seconds, then stop the engine and add more water to the pump to increase its efficiency and continue working.


  • K&S branded engine with increased service life is manufactured under license of DIMAX Int. GmbH (Germany).
  • All water pumps from Könner & Söhnen TM are equipped with a reinforced steel frame for Heavy Duty operations.
  • Compact size and light weight.
  • The high-strength aluminum housing is resistant to corrosion, temperature effects, and deformation.
  • High performance.

Könner & Söhnen branded engines

Könner & Söhnen water pumps feature durable and fuel-efficient branded engines, which are manufactured under the strict control of German engineers. The robust K&S engine meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standard.

Individual serial numbers on engines

Each engine has its individual serial number, which enables to control the quality of production and service. Könner & Söhnen engines are characterized by an easy start and reduced vibration.


The housing of Könner & Söhnen motor-pumps is made by using integral molding and high-strength aluminum, which is resistant to corrosion, temperature effects, and deformation. Water pumps are equipped with an enlarged steel fuel tank, which extends the operating time without refueling.

Reinforced frame

All water pumps from Könner & Söhnen TM now feature a reinforced steel frame, which protects the water pump from damage during operation and transportation and is indispensable for Heavy Duty tasks.

Vibration dampers

Könner & Söhnen water pumps are equipped with anti-skid rubber feet for reduced vibration and corrosion protection. The rubber dampers prevent the running water pump from damaging the flooring and scratching the frame surface.


Water pumps come complete with the following accessories: water filter, mounting set, spark plug wrench, hose connection kit.

Engine model
KS 250
Engine volume, cm3
Engine power, hp
Fuel tank volume, l
Crank case volume, l
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB
Max. productivity, l/min
Nominal speed, rpm
Max. lifting height, m
Max. suction depth, m
Diameter of inlet pipe, mm
Diameter of outlet pipe, mm
Net dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.

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Waterpump KS 50HP

A high-pressure motorized pump is a necessary piece of equipment for pumping out, dispensing, or supplying water over long distances or heights.

A waterpump is suitable for various production facilities, utilities, and emergency services, as well as for private use.
Such a pump can be used if you need to pump a water jet up to 50 meters, so it is often used by firefighters.

Field of Application

Most often, a waterpump is used in the following cases:

• For pumping water out of flooded areas;
• For draining small bodies of water;
• For irrigation and watering;
• For extinguishing fires.

Many people are interested in how a motor pump can be used in everyday life. Here is one of the options: such a device is a reliable assistant to handle your homestead. With its help, you can create an ideal irrigation system.

Main Parameters of the KS 50 HP waterpump

We always offer our customers only the best quality-verified equipment.

The presented high-pressure water pump model has excellent characteristics:

• Ability to pump about 500 liters of water per minute;
• The suction depth is 7 meters, which is an excellent indicator if you need to pump water out of the depths;
• Lifts water up to 50 meters;
• Equipped with a powerful branded engine - durable and fuel-efficient;
• Low noise level;
• Compact size and light weight for easy transportation (fits the car trunk);
• Aluminum housing, which is resistant to corrosion, deformation, and temperature effects.
• The waterpump is equipped with a reinforced steel frame, which protects it from mechanical damage;
• Convenient and easy-to-use control system;
• Long service life;
• Quality guarantee from the manufacturer;
• Compliance with standards of environmental friendliness.

Water pump KS 50HP is an excellent and reliable assistant at an affordable price!

Water Pump Operation

Before pumping, fill the pump with clean water and start the engine. Allow the pump to run for about 30 seconds, and then stop the engine. Add more water to the pump. This will help to increase its efficiency.

The motor pump accessories include:

• Water filter;
• Mounting set;
• Hose connection kit;
• Spark plug wrench.

The KS 50 HP waterpump is easy to use and doesn't require extra user effort.