Certificates and awards

The quality and reliability of Könner & Söhnen equipment are confirmed by international awards and certificates of compliance with European and world standards.

German Brand Award
In 2022, Könner & Söhnen® machinery once again became a winner of the competition and received two German Brand Award 2022 honors at a time:
• Excellent Brands - Industry, Machines & Engineering
• Excellent Brands - Product Brand of the Year.

From among the 1,200 submissions, the judges select only those brands that meet their evaluation criteria for the competition.

Plus X Award
In 2019, Könner & Söhnen products won the prestigious German Plus X Award in three categories: high quality, ease of use, and functionality. Plus X Award is one of the biggest awards in the world, which ascertains quality and reliability of products, as well as stated that the equipment is tailored to even the most demanding customer needs.

In 2018, Könner & Söhnen products received the prestigious Gold Medal Award in the Professional Choice nomination in Poland. Equipment from Könner & Söhnen was recognized by experienced European experts and professionals as equipment that meets the requirements of advanced technologies. This award attests to quality of products and high production potential of the brand Könner & Söhnen "Könner & Söhnen"

In 2016, products from Könner & Söhnen were recognized as "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" based on the value for money factor. The brand "Könner & Söhnen" has occupied its niche in the medium price bracket, offering a buyer high-quality goods with all European certificates at an affordable price.

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