The balcony energy solar system from Könner & Söhnen® is an improved solution in the series of balcony systems, enabling significant savings on electricity costs by utilizing 100% of solar energy.

The Könner & Söhnen® electric brush cutter is the ideal solution for those looking for a reliable and powerful tool.

Over 3200 exhibitors from around the world presented the latest products and innovations - from tools and accessories to building materials, hardware, fasteners.

The cordless brushcutter KS HT-20V has a high level of safety, equipped with a two-handle control system with protection against accidental start on the handle, which eliminates the possibility of unplanned tool startup.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Recently, the Könner & Söhnen® service center was sent a KS 2000iG S LPG/gasoline inverter generator with more than four thousand engine hours - 4,477 to be precise!

With a decent appearance, catchy design and stylish shape, the generator also features a transport kit for convenient handling.

Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) proudly presents brand new electric vehicle charging stations from Könner & Söhnen®

Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents an updated version of the KS 8100iE ATSR inverter generator with increased power.

The July edition of the renowned French magazine Bricolage Batiment Industrie (BBI) highlights two Könner & Söhnen® inverter generators.

Performance review of the KS 2000iG S LPG/gasoline inverter generator that has served almost five thousand engine hours, 4,975 to be precise, and keeps generating power smoothly!

The distribution box is ideal for construction sites, houses, garages, outbuildings, etc. Power consumers can be connected both indoors and outdoors.