Manual, warranty, after-sales service

 International 24-month warranty

Fully aware of our responsibility to the customer, we vouch for our products and offer a two-year international warranty for Könner & Söhnen® diesel power stations.

Please note that the warranty remains valid provided that the unit is installed, connected and operated correctly, as follows:

  • The generator set must be installed by certified technicians in compliance with applicable regulations.
  • The power station must be connected by a certified electrician.
  • Maintenance must be performed by a certified service center as per the maintenance schedule attached to the warranty card.

For warranty coverage and performance, the continuous load on the power station must not exceed 80% of the unit’s rated capacity.

  After-sales service

We provide a comprehensive after-sales service using our own resources and through certified repair and installation teams. Our central warehouse always has a stock of spare parts. Besides, we have created an additional service for customers - a support hotline.

This is because the problems often arise not from a breakdown but from improper operation of the power station. With our support hotline, customers can always get quick advice on a specific situation and detailed guidance on how to adjust the operation of the unit.

Each diesel power station has three serial numbers:

  • on the engine
  • on the alternator
  • on the outer casing of the power station

This is how we fully control the quality of production and service.