Könner & Söhnen in 2024

Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany), manufacturer of Könner & Söhnen® technology, is actively growing and developing. The company has an extensive experience in manufacturing of generators and garden equipment.

In 2024, Könner & Söhnen® products are already available and in high demand in more than 20 European countries. Additionally, they are already present in the United States and countries in Latin America, as well as in many countries in the Middle East (Turkey, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Israel) and African countries (Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria, Ethiopia). The company has 5 offices and 3 official representations, its own service and production centers in Europe, and a well-developed dealer network.

Currently, our equipment is showcased in more than 500  sales outlets and is commercially available to more than 500  million people. Every year, we open up 3-5 new markets, set up official representative offices, and significantly increase our turnover.

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Product range

Könner & Söhnen® products are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.
Keeping up with the changing technological landscape, Könner & Söhnen® constantly updates its product range and introduces new technologies that add to reliability, ecological compatibility and operational efficiency of our equipment.
Wide model range in each product category.

Wide range of generators:

  • we offer gasoline, LPG/gasoline and diesel generators with the power range from 1.8 kW to 33 kVA;
  • special purpose generators (inverter generators, generators that can be integrated with "green" energy, a model for systems with 48-54V batteries, models with a minimum noise level)

Each product line has items featuring the latest eco-friendly technology:

  • Integration with green energy;
  • Könner & Söhnen® portable chargers and solar panels;
  • EURO 5 – generators are based on K&S branded engines that meet the latest EURO 5 emission standard.

Quality control

Control at each production stage:

  • quality control of purchased spare parts for compliance with European requirements, quality and safety standards;
  • production control and automation, testing of each finished batch of goods before shipment;

Cutting-edge equipment

Own assembly lines at factories that produce equipment for leading brands in Europe and North America

In-house service and production facilities in Europe

Pre-sale testing of at least 40% of equipment at our in-house service facilities in Europe with the issuance of a certificate of clearance.

100% service support

We provide 100% customer support and after-sale service throughout the sales area.

International customer & partner support:

  • professional advice on any technical issues;
  • full after-sales service.

Quality in detail:

  • equipment testing at the stage of development and pre-sales service;
  • high quality service with original spare parts;
  • providing 2-year warranty.

Awards and certificates

The quality and reliability of Könner & Söhnen equipment are confirmed by international awards and certificates of compliance with European and international standards.

The Forbes magazine has awarded the Forbes Diamonds 2023 title to DIMAX International Poland Sp. z o. o. as the fastest growing company which have chosen the right business strategy. The strategy of forming the product range with an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies and the development of new exclusive technologies, as well as the intelligent corporate structure and interaction both within the company and beyond enabled it to achieve this success.

Excellent Brand

In 2022, Könner & Söhnen®  machinery once again  became a winner of the competition and received two German Brand Award 2022  honors  at a time:
Excellent Brands - Industry, Machines & Engineering
• Excellent Brands - Product Brand of the Year.

From among the 1,200 submissions, the judges select only those brands that meet their evaluation criteria for the competition.

Plus X Award

In 2019, Könner & Söhnen® products won the prestigious German Plus X Award in three categories: High Quality, Ease of Use, Functionality. Plus X Award is one of the biggest awards in the world, which ascertains quality and reliability of products. German experts confirmed that products from Könner & Söhnen® meet the requirements for high-quality products, as well as stated that the equipment is tailored to even the most demanding customer needs.

Gold medal

In 2018, Könner & Söhnen® products received the prestigious Gold Medal Award in the Professional Choice nomination in Poland. Könner & Söhnen® equipment was recognized by experienced European experts and professionals as equipment that meets the requirements of advanced technologies. This award attests to quality of products and high production potential of Könner & Söhnen®.

Product of the year

In 2016, Könner & Söhnen® products were recognized as "PRODUCT OF THE YEAR" based on the value for money factor. The "Könner & Söhnen®" brand has occupied its niche in the medium price bracket, offering a buyer high-quality goods with all European certificates at an affordable price.

Business Cheetahs 2022

Dimax International Poland Sp. z o. o. with its headquarters in Stare Babice was awarded by the Institute of European Business in the 17th Business Cheetahs 2022 competition, the 15th Diamonds of the Polish Economy 2022 competition, the 15th Effective Company 2022 competition and the 10th Diamonds of the Polish Economy 2022 competition. The Strong Company 2022 competition is based on financial data from the National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy).

Statuetka Gepard BiznesuCheetah of Business Trophy
The company is growing dynamically, with an average income and net profit growth rate of 454.8% for 2019-2020. This earned it the Business Cheetah 2022 title.

Statuetka Efektywna Firma 2022Effective Company 2022 Trophy
The company efficiency is on a high level as well - an average net profit to revenue ratio of 10.7% in 2019 and 2020. This earned it the Effective Company 2022 title.

Statuetka Mocna Firma Godna ZaufaniaStrong and Trustworthy Company Trophy
All together, it has been awarded the Strong Potent Company 2022 title.

Brylant Polskiej Gospodarki 2022
Diamond of the Polish Economy 2022
The company market value in March 2021 was roughly estimated by the Institute of European Business at PLN 61 million, which gave it the Diamond of the Polish Economy 2022 title.

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