Könner & Söhnen Direct-Current Generator KS 48V-DC


Today, almost everyone already has a backup power source. Generally, this refers to generators or portable charging stations (power banks), in particular cases – to solar charging stations. Facilities, which run on systems that require continuous operation and must avoid even a short-term outage, such as monitoring systems, mobile communication base stations, server rooms, etc., are usually backed up by uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) or large 48-54V batteries.

But what to do in case of a long-term central power supply interruption and when battery charge is not enough?

This is where the KS 48V-DC direct-current battery charging generator with an automatic engine start from Könner & Söhnen® comes to the rescue – it is a reliable backup power source for systems with 48-54V batteries. With the integrated controller, the DC generator from Könner & Söhnen constantly monitors the battery voltage and automatically starts charging the battery when its voltage drops to 48V and below, and automatically shuts down within 30 seconds when the battery is fully charged.

Imagine that you no longer depend on the sun or the central power supply, because the DC generator will always have your battery charging under control!

This generator has the following advantages:

  • UNIVERSAL CHOICE – it can be integrated with various systems.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – connects directly to the battery, which greatly simplifies installation.
  • MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY and ECONOMY – this method of charging is more efficient since there are no intermediate current conversions and associated energy losses.



Model KS 48V-DC has the following features:

  • AUTO mode, which uses the integrated controller to constantly monitor the battery voltage and automatically start charging the battery when its voltage drops.
  • Reliable branded K&S engine, which features high wear resistance, ensures long and stable operation, and meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standard.
  • Control of all main operating status indicators: automatic engine stop at low oil level, overload and short-circuit protection, fuel level sensor.
  • Ergonomic control panel equipped with voltmeter, ampermeter, oil level indicator, overload indicator, DC indicator, battery terminals, control terminals, AUTO and MANUAL/EXTERNAL modes switch, multifunctional engine start.
  • Transport kit (fold-out handle and wheels), allowing its easy handling and expanding its range of applications.

In addition, Könner & Söhnen DC generators do not contain life-threatening high-voltage current, thus providing electric shock protection during operation.

Be always charged with Könner & Söhnen.