Inverter generator KS 6000iE S ATS

Possible usefor individual electricity consumers only
Voltage230 V
Max power5.5 kW
Nominal power5.0 kW
Engine startManual/electric/auto
Outlets1 x CEE 230 V 32 A
Special functionsGasoline, Protective housing, Built-in ATS, Economy mode


For individual electricity consumers only

Inverter generator KS 6000iES ATS has a built-in ATS unit and can be operated both manually and automatically.

The OFF-RUN rotary switch on the right side of the generator combines the fuel tap, the switch for the internal 12V power supply and the ignition switch. When the generator is not in use, it should remain OFF so that the lithium battery installed in the generator does not discharge. The generator comes with a disconnected battery, which must be connected under the left side cover when first used. The battery is recharged by the internal charging module as soon as the generator is running or the 230V voltage comes to the MAINS INPUT (regardless of the position of the rotary switch).

The MAINS INPUT 230V connection is monitored as soon as you set the rotary switch to RUN and switch the ATS SWITCH to ON. If the 230V voltage at the MAINS INPUT fails, the ATS controller starts the generator and switches its 230V output socket to the inverter module.

The KS 6000iES ATS has the CEE 230V 32A socket, which is switched differently depending on the version of the generator.

For individual electricity consumers only

The CEE 230V 32A socket is active when operating from the MAINS INPUT and when operating from the generator.

When operated from the MAINS INPUT, the CEE 230V 32A socket supplies the same system (IT, TN, TT) as MAINS INPUT. The generator must be earthed in TT and TN systems with a copper cable 6-10 mm² (depending on local regulations) by connecting its earth screw to the same earth bar to which the MAINS 230V power source is earthed. PE contact of socket is connected to generator ground screw.

The CEE 230V 32A socket after switching power to the generator supply only IT system without the grounded neutral conductor. Regulations and protective measures for the IT system must be observed.

With this version of the generator it is possible to supply electricity consumers that can work both in the TN and in the IT system. It is not possible to supply the house completely in automatic mode!

If you want to supply individual electrical consumers or their groups (house, office, etc.) in the TN system with the grounded neutral conductor in automatic mode, we recommend using version 2 of the KS 6000iE S ATS Version 2 generator.


These instructions can only be taken as a recommendation, are illustrative and must be adapted to the exact local circumstances and conditions during installation. The installation itself should be made by a licensed electrician and in accordance with all local standards and regulations. We take no responsibility for the wrong installations and their consequences.

Pure sine wave

The built-in electronic unit with microprocessor control monitors the operation of the generator and provides a stable output voltage of 230V 50Hz sinusoidal form, which is suitable for the reliable operation of sensitive electronics.

Robust engine

The reliable proprietary K&S engine is characterized by increased wear resistance, long-term and stable operation as well as meets all European quality standards, including the latest EURO V emission standards.

Economy mode

The ECONOMY MODE reduces fuel consumption up to 50% at low loads due to reduced engine speed.

Built-in ATS system

The generator is equipped with an automatic transfer switch function. The built-in ATS unit allows the generator to monitor the incoming mains supply, automatically starts the generator when the mains supply is disconnected and then automatically stops the generator when the mains supply is restored with no user intervention.

Ergonomic control panel

Ergonomic control panel is equipped with LED display, ECONOMY MODE switch, as well as RESET button for resetting the control system (upon tripping of the circuit breaker) and restoring power supply. Control of all main operating status indicators: overload protection, automatic engine stop at low oil level.

Low noise level

Soundproof housing provides noise 70 dB (Lpa 7 m), comfortable use and convenient transportation and is equipped with transport system for easy handling.

High quality alternator

Könner & Söhnen inverter generators are equipped with a robust brushless alternator with 100% copper winding. The high-end compact permanent magnet alternator is housed in a plastic casing and can withstand maximum loads without any damage to ensure long-term and reliable operation of the generator set.

Transportation kit

Könner & Söhnen Inverter generators are equipped with a transport system for easy movement. Two wheels and a handle that lifts when the generator is moved ensure comfortable transportation and mobility.

Possible use
for individual electricity consumers only
Voltage, V
Max power, kW
Nominal power, kW
Frequency, Hz
Current (max), А
1 x CEE 230 V 32 A
Engine start
Fuel tank volume, l
LED display
Voltage, frequency, working hours
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB
Engine model
KS 240i
Engine cylinder volume, cm3
Engine type
Gasoline powered one-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Engine power, hp
Possibility of parallel connection
Output for ATS
Built-in ATS
Crank case volume, l
Accumulator, A·h
Alternator winding
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.

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