Snow chain KS MFM SC 13/4.1

75 *

Metal snow chains are designed to improve the machine’s passability during snow removal.

Suitable for Könner & Söhnen KS 7HP-MFM-60 and KS 7HP-MFM-80E multifunction machines.

KS MFM SC 13/4.1 chains are used for better grip during winter snow removal.

The main advantages of wheel chains:

  • perform a perfect non-slip function
  • easy to assemble and disassemble, no special knowledge or tools needed
  • the set consists of 2 chains specially designed for the wheel size of Könner & Söhnen multifunction machines
  • improve the machine handling and productivity, as well as save the user’s energy
  • long service life
Net weight, kg
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Assembled in PRC.