We are united in our work and help!


Dimax Group (the owner of TM Könner & Söhnen) and its exclusive representative in Ukraine, Techno Trade KS ltd., do not stand aside from what is happening in Ukraine and take an active part in helping both civilians and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Summarizing the past year, we would like to share with you what was done.

We have been contributing to the Armed Forces all along, handing over our generators. So far more than 500 pieces of equipment have been handed over, ranging from small, compact, and low-noise units that help save soldiers' lives on the front lines, recharge drones and communications equipment, and stay in touch with relatives in all conditions and circumstances, to more powerful diesel units that help heat dugouts and heat up food on the second line of defense. Our large, high-capacity KS 33-3YE diesel generator has also been in use for military and production purposes, which we are not at liberty to disclose. In addition, our generators were also delivered to the medical staff in Bakhmut.

Besides power generating equipment, we also provided leg and body warmers for military personnel!



We are constantly monitoring and updating our projects to best help those who need help the most.

Our generators are already in operation at a rehabilitation center for children with disabilities, an orphanage, a home for displaced children from the hardest-hit regions of Ukraine, nursing homes, an animal shelter, a veterinary clinic and many other organizations.

Our goal is to help the Ukrainian defenders to prevail.

We strongly believe that our support will contribute to Ukraine's fight for its freedom and independence.

We are united in our work and help!