Automatic transfer switch


All Könner & Söhnen® diesel power stations feature an ATS connector for an ATS unit (Automatic Transfer Switch). We offer two types of ATS units:

  • KS ATS 4/100HD - first option is ATS unit in metal housing for external installation
  • KS ATS 4/100HD-O - another option is ATS unit for installation inside the switchboard.

The KS ATS 4/100HD ATS unit (Automatic Transfer Switch) from the German brand “Könner & Söhnen” automatically starts the power station and transfers load to it when the main power source is turned off and automatically stops the power station when the central power supply is restored. It is compatible with Könner & Söhnen diesel power stations. The ATS unit can operate both in automatic and in manual mode.


  • Universal design allows ATS unit connection to single- and three-phase networks
  • Automatic/manual operation
  • Motor-operated switch
  • Terminal block for control cables