Diesel power plants HEAVY DUTY SERIES


Dimax Int. GmbH (Germany) presents new models of Könner & Söhnen® diesel power plants 

Diesel power plants of HEAVY DUTY Silent Diesel Generator series from Könner & Söhnen® are developed on the basis of low-speed engines (1500 rpm) from world-renowned companies that produce engines for the markets of Europe and the USA. 

Absolute compliance of the engines with the standards of reliability, economy, environmental friendliness, technical and operational safety of power plants is the best confirmation of the high quality of products.

With the company’s in-house developments and conformity to Könner & Söhnen requirements, all power stations have a margin of power against the declared specifications.

Diesel power plants from German company Könner & Söhnen® take into account all your needs in providing of both emergency and backup power - for longer power supply of residential buildings and small commercial facilities.

  • Low-speed reliable engine 1500 rpm
  • Electronic or mechanical system of engine revolutions control
  • 4-pole brushless AC alternator with an automatic system of adjusting voltage
  • Pre-start heating
  • Digital control unit
  • Soundproof anti-vandal housing with galvanic coating (optional)
  • Commissioning works in Europe
  • Warranty 2 years