Snow blower KS MFM-SB 60

Processing width60 cm

Active snow blower attachment is suitable for KS 7HP-MFM 80E and KS 7HP-MFM 60 multifunction machines from Könner & Söhnen, has a powerful gear auger and will quickly cope with large snow drifts, blockages and any snow.

  • Sharp serrated edges can cope even with stale snow
  • Reinforced bucket with stiffeners
  • Shovel for cleaning a chute and screw from snow as a set
Snow blower KS MFM-SB 60
Chute rotation
Maximum processing width, cm
Snow throwing range, m
Net dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
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Assembled in PRC.

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KS MFM-SB 60 Snow Blower

The ground covered with snow and the blue frost on the trees is a real winter fairy tale. However, snowfall has a flip side to it. Owners of private houses, cottages, and dachas know just how difficult it is to clean paths from snow with a shovel. But why use a shovel when there is a snow blower?

A snow thrower will be your reliable helper in winter and will help you clear snow quickly and with minimal effort. This equipment enables you to remove snow of any density. It can throw snow a distance of up to 10 meters. The clearing width is up to 55.8 centimeters.

The snowblower consists of a snow bucket, a metal auger, and a chute for throwing snow. The presented model is the KS MFM-SB 60 snow blower attachment for the Könner & Söhnen KS 7HP-MFM 80E and KS 7HP-MFM 60 all-season multifunction machines.

Advantages of Snowthrower Attachment

You will never regret having purchased a snow blower machine.

Some of the most common advantages of this technical device include:

  • Effectively copes with snow drifts and packed snow.

  • Highly mobile and maneuverable on any terrain.

  • Easy to operate. Requires no special skills or technical knowledge. Connect the KS MFM-SB 60 snow removal attachment to the multifunction machine and enjoy the process.

  • Adjustable direction and height of snow throwing.

  • Sharp serrated edges can cope even with packed snow.

As a complete unit, our snow throwing machine is not a highly specialized machine to be used only in winter. This set is made up of a versatile all-season sweeper (KS 7HP-MFM 80E or KS 7HP-MFM 60) and a KS MFM-SB 60 attachment. This is your contribution to a cleaner area around the house all year round.

With the KS MFM-SB 60 attachment, you can clean snow much faster and more thoroughly in winter, thus saving a lot of time. This sort of cleaning does not require much physical effort, and you do not have to spend precious hours of your life on it.

When you buy a snow blower in our online store, you get the thing directly from the manufacturer. Besides, we offer reasonable prices and high quality of all our products. The KS MFM-SB 60 set includes an attachment, a shovel for clearing snow from the chute and auger, and a user manual.