Gasoline generator "Könner & Söhnen" KS 7000E ATS

Voltage230 V
Max power5.5 kW
Nominal power5.0 kW
Engine startManual/electric/auto
Outlets1 x Schuko 230 V, 1 x CEE 230 V 32 A
Special functionsBuilt-in ATS, Gasoline

1229 € 1099 €

One of the unique features of KS 7000E ATS generator is the built-in ATS unit (automatic transfer switch). This function allows the generator to monitor power in the mains and automatically turn on in the event of power outage, and then automatically turn off when the power supply is restored. This function is indispensable and very useful in buildings with rigid temperature or light control in the absence of supervisory staff.

Automatic transfer s witch requires no auxiliary sophisticated equipment and installation. The ATS unit is already built into the generator, the installation is as simple as possible, and these models are affordable for every budget.


Specially for the Könner & Söhnen trademark German engineers have created K&S series engines, that have passed multi-hour and multi-level tests, that’s why they are so reliable. High-performance K&S engines comply with the latest EURO V emission standards.

Individual Serial Numbers on engines

Könner & Söhnen engines meet all world and European standards of quality, including the harmful emissions level and noise level. This is proved by European certificates of quality. Each engine and each generator have their own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service. Könner & Söhnen motors have easy start and low vibration. The KS 7000 range of gasoline generators is equipped with a reliable 1-cylinder 13 hp engine.


The generator control panel with the ATS function (automatic transfer switch) is equipped with power terminals, ATS switch and ATS operation indicator.


Сonvenient and ergonomic panel of generator allows you to control the entire unit easily and does not require additional skills. The modern intelligent LED display will always indicate the number of hours worked, frequency and voltage output. The information on the display helps to control the device load and timely maintenance the generator, extending the life of the operation.

230V OR 400V

The presented series includes models for single- and three-phase consumers. The generator control panel with the ATS function has corresponding 230V and 400V mains terminals.


TM Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with a high-end synchronous alternator with 100% copper winding. It is only the copper winding that can withstand maximum loads without any damage to ensure long-term reliable operation of the generator set.


Reliable 100% copper switching contactors have an increased capacity of 40 A, which ensures long-term failsafe performance of the ATS system.


Easy start system system allows you to start the engine quickly and to do this without much effort. For ease of use, generators of this type have three types of startup - manual, electric and automatic. More powerful models are additionally equipped with an electric start system.


“Könner & Söhnen” generators are equipped with an enlarged steel fuel tank, which extends the generator’s operating time without refueling. The fuel level indicator is located on the tank for ease of use.


All models of the Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations. Thanks to the rubber damper, the working generator will not damage the floor covering, and the frame coating will not be scratched.
Voltage, V
Max power, kW
Nominal power, kW
Frequency, Hz
Current (max), А
1 x Schuko 230 V, 1 x CEE 230 V 32 A
Fuel tank volume, l
Avg. working time (power 50%), h***
LED display
Voltage, frequency, working hours
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB
Power output DC, V/А
Engine model
KS 390
Engine type
Gasoline powered one-cylinder, four-stroke air-cooled
Engine power, hp/kW
Crank case volume, l
Engine cylinder volume, cm3
Power output controller
Intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR
Engine start
Alternator winding
Net dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
Protection class
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.

**In transient modes, the frequency of the generator can change in the short term, that is, during normal operation of the generator, the deviation of the frequency indicator is permissible. Depending on the type of generator, engine and operating mode, the frequency can be 49-54Hz

*** Fuel consumption depends on many factors, such as load, fuel quality, season, altitude, technical condition of the generator.

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Gasoline Generator "Könner & Söhnen" KS 7000E ATS

Könner & Söhnen creates its products based on the needs of consumers. As a result of many years of experience, our products are easy to operate and affordable for every budget.
Könner & Söhnen gasoline generator is German quality product at a reasonable price.

Advantages of Könner & Söhnen KS 7000E ATS Gasoline Generator

Before being put on sale, each gasoline generator of the presented trademark undergoes numerous tests.

Advantages over similar models of other brands:

  • Cost-effectiveness due to the use of the OHV system, which provides increased efficiency;
  • Power - 5000/5500 W;
  • Three startup types;
  • Easy start and automatic start function. In the event of a power outage, the generator automatically turns on.
  • The fuel tank with a capacity of 25 liters ensures a long-term operation. The device can operate for a total of up to 17 hours with a load about 50% without refueling (with breaks every 5 hours);
  • Reduced vibration thanks to the steel frame and rubber feet, as well as additional anti-corrosion protection;
  • Long service life;
  • Manufacturer's warranty.

Enough capacity to fully power a TV set, an electric boiler, and various household appliances such as a refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, multicooker, and electric stove. An ideal backup power option, which is especially relevant nowadays!

Features of Könner & Söhnen KS 7000E ATS Gasoline Generator

The gasoline whole house generator is equipped with a special LED display to monitor the voltage, frequency and working hours, which makes it possible to carry out timely maintenance of the generator.
Thanks to the enlarged fuel tank, the generator can operate for a long time without refueling, which is especially important when working in auto mode.

Generator has a high level of reliability and wear resistance, meets European norms and quality standards, including environmental friendliness, equipped with a system of protection against an insufficient amount of motor oil. If there is an insufficient amount of oil in the crankcase, the engine start is blocked by deactivating the ignition.

Provide yourself and your family with continuous operation of important electrical appliances and means of communication during the emergency and scheduled power outages, and use alternative power sources from Könner & Söhnen with the power level required for your needs!