Gasoline generator "K&S BASIC" KSB 2800A

Voltage230 V
Special functionsGasoline
Max power2.8 kW
Nominal power2.5 kW
Engine startManual
Outlets2 x Schuko 230 V

389 € 209 €

K&S Basic engines

Specially for the "K&S Basic" trademark German engineers have created K&S series engines, that have passed multi-hour and multi-level tests, that’s why they are so reliable.

Individual serial numbers on engines

K&S Basic engines meet all world and European standards of quality. This is proved by European certificates of quality. Each engine and each generator have their own individual serial number, which allows us to control the quality of production and service.

Elastic handles

Elastic handles are used for convenient transportation. They perfectly complement the design and the final product form.

Easy start system

EASY START system allows you to start the engine quickly and to do this without much effort. More powerful models are additionally equipped with an electric start system.

Ergonomic control panel

Сonvenient and ergonomic panel of generator allows you to control the entire unit easily and does not require additional skills. The voltmeter on the panel shows voltage emitted by the device in the range from 0 to 300 volts. It helps to control generator's output voltage and be sure that all the equipment connected works stably.


К&S Basic generators are equipped with intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR. It allows to keep the output generator voltage at a constant value of 230 V and protects against unwanted short circuits.


All models of the Könner & Söhnen generators are equipped with rubber feet to reduce vibrations. Thanks to the rubber damper, the working generator will not damage the floor covering, and the frame coating will not be scratched.

Accessories set

The set includes two 230V 16A plugs and a candle plug.
Voltage, V
Max power, kW
Nominal power, kW
Frequency, Hz
Current (max), А
2 x Schuko 230 V
Fuel tank volume, l
Noise level Lpa (7m)/Lwa, dB
Power output DC, V/А
Engine model
KSB 220
Engine type
Gasoline 4-stroke
Engine power, hp
Crank case volume, l
Engine cylinder volume, cm3
Power output controller
Intelligent voltage stabilization system AVR
Engine start
Protection class
Alternator winding
Gross dimensions (LxWxH), mm
Net weight, kg
Gross weight, kg
EAN code

Assembled in PRC.

**In transient modes, the frequency of the generator can change in the short term, that is, during normal operation of the generator, the deviation of the frequency indicator is permissible. Depending on the type of generator, engine and operating mode, the frequency can be 49-54Hz

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Gasoline Generator KSB 2800A

K&S Basic equipment is your reliable assistant! We create such devices using the best developments of world-famous brands of components and many years of experience of German specialists. Our products are a combination of affordability and high quality!

Such a gasoline generator is an ideal affordable model for private use during emergency and scheduled power outages.

Advantages of K&S Basic KSB 2800A Gasoline Generator

The presented single-phase gasoline generator has numerous advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

  • Equipped with an electronic voltage regulator AVR, which is better than a condenser-type controller. The voltage of generators equipped with an AVR system is more suitable for sensitive electrical appliances;
  • Branded four-stroke engine;
  • The capacious fuel tank holds 15 liters of gasoline.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Fuel consumption at 50% load mode is 1.25 liters per hour;
    Provides a total of up to 9 hours of power without refueling (excluding the necessary breaks every 5-6 hours);
  • Low noise and reduced vibration. Equipped with an anti-vibration system;
  • Environmental friendliness due to less harmful emissions. The level meets European standards;
  • Easy manual start;
  • Convenient and user-friendly control panel;
  • Fuel level sensor;
  • Affordable price.

A great backup power option to ensure the continuous operation of basic household appliances.

Features of K&S Basic KSB 2800A Gasoline Generator

The engine of the given generator meets all operational requirements - standards of quality, efficiency, and environmental friendliness. Easy start without extra user effort allows using it by women and the elderly.

The individual serial number on the engine allows you to control the quality of production and service.

The portable gasoline generator is compact and easy to transport thanks to the elastic handles that complement the stylish design. The model is equipped with rubber feet that protect it from mechanical damage.

KSB 2800A is specially designed to meet ordinary household needs, so you don't have to overpay and buy high-capacity power plants.

Provide yourself and your family with comfort and communication at any time!