BBI on Auto Start Inverter Generators


The July edition of the renowned French magazine Bricolage Batiment Industrie (BBI) highlights two Könner & Söhnen® inverter generators.


A special feature of the new models is the built-in automatic transfer switch (ATS). The integrated automation unit allows the generator to control the mains supply as well as enables its automatic start in case of a power outage and automatic shutdown once the mains supply is restored, and that without user intervention.

«This combination of automatic start with an inverter unit, which is typical of conventional generators, is much less common on the market» - the article says.

The two models vary in power output. For example, the KS 4000iE S ATS inverter generator has a maximum output of 4000 watts, while the KS 6000iE S ATS inverter generator has a maximum output of 5500 watts. Generators with that capacity enjoy wide popularity among small businesses, private households and street retail.

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